How are we going to save wildlife in the future?
By starting a conservation legacy today.
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History, hard work and the future of conservation
You can be a philanthropist. Really!
Bequests are an easy way to start a
legacy, just ask the lady next door...
You can be  philanthropist. Really!
Save Wildlife Tomorrow
Make a Tribute Gift Today
Save Wildlife Tomorrow. Make a Tribute Gift Today.

Welcome to the Legacy Society

Bequests are a very important legacy. Please think about putting NWF in your will!

As conservationists, we instinctively know we're doing the right thing by nurturing the future of the National Wildlife Federation with our contributions.

The NWF Philanthropy Team is ready to help you or your advisor chart your course with a Legacy Gift. Start the conversation by calling 800-332-4949 or

Thank you for visiting the Legacy Society (our online "habitat") and remember…our plans depend on your plans!

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