Dr. Arlene Segal

At Home and Abroad, Arlene Segal Explores a World of Wildlife

There are not too many places Dr. Arlene Segal has not seen. From Antarctica to Africa to Australia, Segal is a woman on the go—and an avid wildlife enthusiast, as well.

A retired radiologist and long-time National Wildlife Federation supporter, Segal grew up a self-described “city kid” among a family of couch potatoes but always had an urge to travel and spend time outdoors. She estimates she has traveled to up to 150 countries, and most of her trips have been to locations with ample opportunities for wildlife viewing. She is especially fond of polar bears and penguins.

If travel is Segal’s first passion, wildlife comes in a close second. As both a Legacy Society member and an active J.N. “Ding” Darling Circle member, Segal is working hand-in-hand with National Wildlife Federation to safeguard the wildlife she cares about now and for future generations. Segal volunteers at an animal clinic which very actively participates in the TNR program for free-roaming cats in her home area. “The Cat Conundrum” is described in detail in National Wildlife® magazine October to November 2017. She is also a popular speaker at a travel club, sharing her conservation-oriented adventures.

In addition to multiple trips to the Arctic where she has observed the decline of sea ice and decrease in the number of polar bears due to climate change, Segal has also been to orangutan research and rescue facilities in Borneo. Segal admits that at this point she can not determine whether it was her love of travel that sparked her interest in wildlife or vice versa. But her interest in both has resulted in a life lived to the fullest, whether she is lecturing in Kansas City, supporting Federation programs that help protect her favorite species or snapping close-up pictures of endangered animals all over the world.