Ed Giles

A Better World, a Better Person: Letter From Ed Giles

My 20-year-old children grew up reading National Wildlife® magazines. Thanks to the National Wildlife Federation’s influence they have turned out to be young adults, respectful of not just people, but also nature and the tremendous struggles that plants and animals from daphnia to whales are encountering every day in this challenging world. My children lead others with positive ecological examples and attitudes on the urgent need to protect all things that our Creator has made. Whether it is turning beached horseshoe crabs right side up or helping stranded worms off a hot sidewalk, all life matters thanks to what they have learned from the Federation.

When I grew up in the '60s, the magazines I read to learn about nature were Field and Stream, and Outdoor Life. Hunting and fishing was the theme of both magazines, and salamanders and frogs along with all invertebrates were mere bait to use on a hook. The value that living things are precious and have feelings, along with conservation and the wonderful secrets of the natural world, were not instilled into my young mind.

The world is a kinder and better place for those who encounter nature through the Federation. I regret it was not available to me in the '60s. I would have been a better person.

Thank you,
Ed Giles