Why Give

Katherine Plessner  
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Why Give

America’s wildlife and their natural habitats are at risk like never before. More than one-third of our fish and wildlife species are in danger of extinction in the coming decades. The threats are many: pollution, invasive species, wildlife diseases, the exploitation of natural resources, and more.

This is why we need you.

  • Your Land
  • NWF CEO & President Collin O’Mara:
    Southwest Florida Toxic Algae Outbreaks
  • Boy-zshan Bi-den (Buffalo Return)


With a gift for the future in your will or trust, or by designating a financial account, you can:

  • Protect, restore, connect wildlife habitat, promoting active restoration and reconnection of fragmented and degraded habitat.
  • Transform wildlife conservation, advancing 21st-century wildlife management to confront threats.
  • Connect Americans with wildlife, inspiring the next generation of conservationists to save at-risk species and protect critical wildlife habitats.

For our supporters, conserving our nation’s wildlife and cherished landscapes is often regarded as the duty and obligation of every American.

Be an inspiration to the next generation and stem the tide of species extinction by creating your conservation legacy today.

This information is not intended as legal, accounting or other professional advice. For assistance in planning your legacy gift, please consult an estate planning attorney and/or financial advisor for professional advice.